Lab Services

Once the veterinarian has completed their examination of a sick patient they may perform a variety of tests to further diagnose the patient. Fourth Line Animal Hospital has an in house lab where they can complete a variety of blood  tests on faecal, urine, blood, skin scrapings. The in house lab has become reserved for emergency situations where the results are needed immediately but is more expensive so most blood samples are sent out to a third party lab. 

Simple faecal tests are requested once per year at time of vaccination and are performed in house to make sure your pet does not become a source of infection to your family. 

Heart worm testing is performed in the spring time starting April. A simple blood test is required to detect an antigen of the heart worm that may be present in the heart. If your dog is tested negative then he can be started on heart worm preventative medication during the mosquito season. If tested positive then your pet should be treated first. This test is commonly combined with so called wellness testing and will give more information about the health of your pet.